Monday, October 7, 2013

West, Canada and Lily Lakes, Part 3

Welcome back to part 3, the last installment of our adventures on West, Canada and Lily Lakes.
 Here is Brody, below, checking out the scenery on pretty Lily Lake.

On the southern bank in one area of Lily Lake, the woods were right up to the water.  I found the bright yellow-green moss growing here intriguing.  I had to investigate to see if the bright color was due to the sunshine in that patch, or if it was really that bright.  Well, the sun IS shining on the moss, but it is still a very vivid, almost neon color.

Dead trees in the water always interest me.  I love trees and hate to seem them down, but their dried "skeletons" have neat shapes.  Sometimes they can even be used to frame other subjects, as in the 2 examples below (sorry-- I know the subject is pretty small-- I actually took both of these without knowing my husband was being framed!)

Brody looks like he has a big head and no body in this shot!  He is also not looking particularly happy.  He really doesn't like to look at me when the camera is hiding my face.  I also did not have a treat handy.  If I had, he would certainly have looked a bit more excited!

There were some pretty marsh areas along the shores of Lily Lake.  Brody is looking for ducks.

Here is another one of Lily Lake when the sun was behind the clouds.  But I love the patterns in the sky, don't you?

The sun is back out in this one, and Brody is looking back at me like I need to get paddling instead of taking more photos!

Going back toward Canada Lake, we cut off some of the corner gong through the reeds.  It's a risky move-- sometimes there is a lot less water than you think!  But this time, we made it with neither one of us getting hung up.

Here is Kane Mountain.  It's tough to see in this photo, but there is a fire tower on top.

I just loved this cloud.  It had such definition from the darker areas.  It looked like someone had taken a cloud sticker and pasted it on the sky.

We've paddled back across a small section of Canada Lake and are now back on West Lake, headed for the put-in.  West Lake's eastern and southern banks are completely wild-- not a camp to be seen.

Yes, I do like clouds.   I couldn't resist taking a photo of them.  As you can see, I was not checking the frame, just trying to get the clouds I wanted a photo of... hence, the tree tops on the bottom.

Below are more of the clouds with the creek flowing into West Lake. 

We enjoyed our time on West, Canada and Lily Lakes.  It was an area we'd never visited by car or kayak.  The mountains in the distance as we paddled back gave us something interesting to look at.  Although it's a busy area with the 3 lakes, we were pleasantly surprised at the quiet and the lack of motor boats in the areas we paddled.  There were speed boats, fishing boats and pontoon boats, but in our few hours of paddling, we encountered only 5 or 6, and once we got on Lily Lake, I think we only encountered a fishing boat and no other motorized ones.

I'll leave you with this last photo of Brody and my husband.  Brody is still searching for ducks and has one eye on his daddy ahead of us.

I hope all of you in the northeast will be able to get in a few more paddles before the weather completely turns.  We managed to get on the water last weekend, but not the one that has just passed-- too rainy. 

Happy Kayaking!

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