Wednesday, September 25, 2013

West, Canada and Lily Lakes, Part 2

Welcome back to my description of our paddle on West, Canada and Lily Lakes.  There is Brody, our Boston Terrier, in the photo above.

We left off part one with our arrival onto Lily Lake.  It is easy to see where it gets its name, since there were many lily pads as well as water lilies on this lake.

 Here is a water lily on Lily Lake:


It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed paddling through long, skinny Lily Lake.  As you can see, it was a tad windy, but the breezes were mild and intermittent, so we didn't have any trouble paddling.

On the southern shores of Lily Lake, there were 2 incongruous boulders.  They just looked so out of place, sitting there in the grass...

The sun and clouds played chase with each other so sometimes the sky looked a little dark.  But when the breezes weren't blowing, it was almost as smooth as glass on Lily Lake.

One word of note-- if you like or need to get out of your kayak along the way, this may not be the trip for you.  We did not find a place to land along Lily Lake.  With a potty break and a need for stretching hips and legs, we cut short our paddle to head back.  Maybe if we'd gone farther we would have found a place to land.  Or, maybe the higher water this year made low/dry spots disappear.

This photo is quite a contrast to the one above-- seems like a different day, but as you can, the clouds are moving out and blue sky is becoming dominant over head. 

Below is one of my favorite photos of the day.  We've turned around (did not make it to Stewart's Landing) and are headed back toward Canada and West Lakes.  One of those bumps in background is Kane Mountain.  I can't tell from this photo, but a close look will show a fire tower.  We have not taken the hike, but the photos from the tower make it look like a great view of the Southern Adirondacks area, especially the lakes that I'm blogging about in this post.

Here is Brody, checking out more of Lily Lake.  He enjoyed the closer banks of this lake as compared to the other 2, and was on the look-out for ducks.

I'll be back soon with the final part of West, Canada and Lily Lakes.  In the meanwhile, I hope you're all enjoying paddling.  For us here in Northern NY, we are watching the leaves fall and wishing it would stay warm a few more weeks so that we can get some more paddles in.  Last weekend it rained, but we managed a short but beautiful evening paddle on Friday night.  This weekend looks good in the northeast.  Get out and enjoy it!

Happy Kayaking!

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