Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lakeview Wildlife Managment Area, Part I

Hello!  Does anyone else agree that winter's been hanging on too long?  I know in northern NY we don't expect it to warm up a lot until April, but it will be March in a few days and we are still dealing with temperatures that are more like early January!  I know it's been a cold and snowy winter many other places-- we're not alone in the Northeast.

I felt it was time to remind you all, once more, of the warm, blue-sky days we will one day get to enjoy again!

I have blogged about Lakeview Wildlife Management Area in the past.  It is one of our favorite places to paddle due to the variety of scenery.  You get a winding creek with alders, (see photo of Brody above) a flat area with reeds, cattails, waterbirds and ponds, and Lake Ontario and its sandy banks all in one paddle!

LVMA lies east of Lake Ontario, just off Route 3, between Watertown and Pulaski.  Here is the DEC site which has a link to good map showing the area as well as the 3 boat launches.

Our favorite spot to put in is at South Sandy Creek.  It is right off Route 3-- the bridge in the photo below is Route 3.  As you can see, there is a nice gradual bank for putting in.  There is an "upgraded" outhouse and picnic tables at this boat launch/parking area and room for quite a few cars/trucks.

When you put in, travel downstream.  You can go upstream under the bridge for only 20 feet or so before encountering shallow, rock-strewn water.

We last paddled here in October, 2013.  From the photos you will see, this area had not yet received the very cold nights we were getting at home.  Therefore, all of the trees still had their leaves, and it was a gorgeous day to spend on the water.

South Sandy is shallow in some spots, deep in others, but we had never seen it as shallow as it was this time, particularly in the area where we put-in.  There were places we had to scout ahead to find the deepest water as we were in danger of getting grounded.  Part-way down the creek the deeper sections had less water than normally, but still plenty of depth for our kayaks, and even some fishing boats which we encountered later in the day.

I just love reflections-- especially when the reflection is so clear and vibrant that if I turned the photo upside down, you might think it was the sky instead of the creek.

One of my favorite things about this area, other than its varied sights, is the alders that lean out over the creek.  Their trunks and branches have graceful curves and their leaves are almost lacy when viewed against the bright blue sky.

Unfortunately, in the years we have been coming here, we've seen the largest and oldest of the alders succumb to the erosion of the creek banks during heavy rains.  But, it's still really pretty here, even with some of the biggest, best trees now fallen and carried downstream.

The sun was so bright on this day that I had trouble with my camera-- it wanted to paint everything with a yellowish tint unless we were in the shade. I still like the branches overhead and the reflections on the water.  Brody seems to be enjoying the view also!

Even though it was October, this photo with its sunny yellow blooms reminds me of a summer day.

I'll end part one of my blog about Lakeview Wildlife Management Area here.  Brody and I will be dreaming of kayaking on a warm sunny afternoon!