Friday, October 3, 2014

Taylorville Pond, Part One


I am sorry for not posting this summer. Without getting too detailed, suffice it to say that our summer and fall have been very busy and my husband's health has kept us from doing a lot of paddling.

BUT, we managed a few trips, the last of which was on Sunday, September 28th.  It was one of the most gorgeous fall days we've had here in northern New York state in a long time!  (Saturday was just as nice but we happened to be visiting family in the Hudson Valley that day, which was also awesome, but didn't allow for kayaking on that day.)

Taylorville Pond was created when the Beaver River was dammed. There are quite a few dams along its route, and if you want a long but beautiful paddling adventure, you can paddle and carry the entire Beaver River Canoe Route.  Here is a link to a .pdf of the entire route:

This is one of my favorite photos from our paddle that day:

The morning was quiet and still, even at 9:00, and the water for the first hour or two was smooth as glass, allowing me to get some great reflections photographs!

Here is the put in which has a gradual sand/rock area, but it drops off quickly (depending on the water level at the time) so you may have to angle your kayak or canoe when getting in, rather than heading straight out.

This view is from the picnic area, near the put-in.

And this is another taken from the picnic area:

And this one shows one of the two islands on Taylorville Pond.  I just loved how the fog was still hanging on at 9:00 in the morning, giving me plenty of elements to work with!

This pond has maybe 4 houses or camps on it and the rest of the shoreline is pristine and wild! We really enjoyed paddling here.  Brody did too.  Here is a photo of him enjoying the day with my husband in the background:

I will be back soon with more photos and more descriptions of Taylorville Pond on the Beaver River Canoe Route!