Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing... Brody!

I promise I'll get to our first kayaking trip of the season very soon.  We went to one of our favorite places, Francis Lake and I have some cool news about that trip.  BUT, first, I want to introduce you to our kayaking companion, Brody.  Here he is on his first kayaking adventure, ever.  This was May 2011 on Francis Lake.  He is about 4 months old in the photo and has strips in his ears to hold them up since they were peeling backward and needed some help to stand up.  Brody is sporting his Ezydog life jacket.  I recommend this brand.  They are very well made. 

Brody is a Boston Terrier, for those of you who weren't sure.  Bostons are not very good swimmers.  In fact, as much as he likes to play in water and run in the rain, he does not like to swim.  This is just one good reason for the life jacket.  The other reason is that even a good swimmer gets tired.  So we think all dogs should wear a life jacket, just like their human best friends!

Here is Brody, May 2012, on the same lake, Francis, for our first paddle of the season.

Hmmm... I guess it's hard to tell from these 2 photos, but he's quite a bit bigger this year than last.  In fact, we had to get him a new life jacket.  He can still fit underneath when he wants to take a snooze, but there's a lot less room now!  Last year, he could do just about anything while in the kayak and it didn't effect the balance, but this year, the kayak leans if he's not in the middle.  It's not enough to cause a problem with paddling, but I do notice it!  Anyway, Brody loves kayaking.  He is a great buddy, along for the ride, and we really enjoy having him with us.

I'll leave you with one last photo of Brody for the time being.  But expect to see him regularly!



  1. It seems that most dogs like to kayak, even if they can't swim. I can't be sure from the pictures, but having a way to help lift your dog back into the kayak (i.e. doggie life jacket handle) if they decide to take a swim is very helpful. I'm sure you are going to have many fun adventures with Brody!

  2. Yes, there is a "handle" on the back of his life jacket-- it's red so it blends in. Our first season of kayaking when he was smaller, he did slip on the side of the kayak's opening and went in. A quick grab with the handle/stap and he was back in the kayak and with only his feet and belly wet!

  3. What kind of doggles is he wearing?