Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Payne Lake, part two

Well, I was going to start out my back to blogging by introducing our kayaking buddy, Brody.  But that will have to wait since I stopped blogging in the middle of Payne Lake's description and photos. So, I'll finish up with that before moving on to trips that we've taken so far this kayaking season, 2012.

This is the northern area of Payne Lake.  Isn't it pretty?

And this is a shot looking back toward the south of the lake and the cliffs we just passed (photos in part one.)

At the northern end, it gets very dense with water plants in the summer.  The guys decided to see just how far they could go downstream in the outlet.  Look real close in the middle of the photo to see them paddling amid the water lilies.

Karen and I ventured in after them and stopped to admire these tiny water lilies.  I don't know their name, but this is one of the few lakes I've seen these tiny ones.  The flowers were about the size of a nickel.

Our adventure into the outlet ended with the guys being unable to pole or poke their way through any more of the plants. The water was getting rather shallow so we backed up and got out onto the lake again.  We stopped to admire the rocky cliffs and banks of the eastern shore.  That gave Karen and Gary the opportunity to apply more sunscreen.

We found a small cave on this side of the lake (right side from the boat launch site-- east side of the lake.)

We couldn't see through this side, but there is a bigger opening on the south side.  Here is Dick paddling into the cave.

And me, backed into the cave for a photo-op.

Here's one more photo of the opposite side of the lake, as we were almost back to the boat launch.  This is the southwestern area of the lake.

This is Gary, in the trees.  There may have been a stream entering here over the rocks, or maybe it was a tiny cave... I'm having trouble remembering just what he was checking out in there!

This is the southern most part of the lake as we head back to the boat launch.

And another view of the cliffs once we were back to the boat launch.

And once ashore, Gary and Karen posed for a photo to document our great trip on Payne Lake!

Please go back and read Payne Lake, part one so this post makes more sense.  This isn't as informative as part one, but hopefully you'll get an idea of how pretty this lake is by the photos.

Thanks for reading!

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