Friday, May 14, 2010

Moose River Convergence with Black River, part two

Once we were back on the river from the creek, we headed downstream on the Moose.  You can't go much further upstream due to boulders and rocks in one branch and swift water in the other.  If you like hopping around on rocks, looking for driftwood and that type of thing, the area with the boulders is accessible from Shibley Road.  Turn left after crossing the two bridges.  There are paths down to the area.  You can see a bit of the rocks and boulders in this photo below.

But what I was really trying to capture in the photo is the swift current coming from the southern/western fork of the river at this spot.  The area in front of the rocks is where the current was rippling and would have turned our kayaks right around had we tried to paddle in it without a lot of force behind our strokes.  As I said, we turned around and did not attempt to go upstream any further since it would have been less than a hundred feet before the dam stopped us anyway.

On the return, we stuck closer to the northern bank of the river.  We saw a couple of geese on a half-submerged rock, but no other water birds.  They aren't in this photo, but were in the shade so they blended in and were hard to see.

I like clouds, so I took a few shots of the interesting formations that caught my eye as we paddled back downstream toward the put in/take out.

The sun was getting lower in the sky and we were thinking about dinner, so we explored less on the way back downstream.  There are houses and camps on both sides of this part of the Moose, so as I mentioned,  it is not a secluded or quiet area.  Still, the sun was warm, the wind calm, and the water easy to paddle.  It was a treat to be out in the middle of the week, and this short trip kept us going through the cold and snowy Mother's Day weekend.   Here is one more photo of clouds and river that I took that day:

Since it was a short paddle, part two of this blog post is also a bit short!  I'll be back soon with another trip description.  Pray for warm weather this weekend!

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